This page is filled with a variety of examples of music that I have produced. In each of these cases, the songs included were situations where the client came to me for assistance with their songwriting skills as well as production expertise. Each of the songs was co-written and then arranged by me and prepared for recording. Because each different situation had a different budget and a different desired outcome, it is important to read the legend associated with each song to get a little of the flavor of the story and the production need at the time the song or songs were recorded.

Rebeca and David

Rebeca and David CD photo entitled R & DThis is a full production CD recorded at several top San Diego studios.
The principal engineer was Alan Sanderson, and additional engineering was done by Bernie Torelli and Steve Wetherbee. Tracking was done at Track Star Studios, Goldentrack Studios and Strate Sound, and the CD was mixed at Strate sound by Alan Sanderson. The CD was mastered by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Mastering in Hollywood. The record label is WhiteSpace Records.


  You Mean Everything To Me


  Love Who You Are

  Now That I Have Found You


  Sweetness Of You


  Praying For You



  Out Of Nowhere

  Love Is Turning My Life Around

  Bonus Track

                                                                        Two Earth Hours

Two Earth Hours CD cover

This is another full production CD, although it was recorded on a fairly tight budget. The CD was tracked mainly at Studio West and Signature Sound in San Diego and was mixed exclusively at Studio West. This CD was mastered at Capitol Mastering as well and received a very nice review from The Troubadour Magazine.



Horseback or Plane    

Space Blonde    

Dreams That Die    

  Action Figure   

Math and Science   


All About Anya   

Time For Time Part 1   

Time For time Part 2   

His Masochist