I had the pleasure of working with a young man named Scott Jackson over the last several years who had a very distinct vision about where he wanted to go musically. Our biggest challenge was that even though he was a gifted lyricist in his own particular genre, he lacked the specific sophistication required to bring the songs together that he envisioned in the melodic and harmonic way that the songs needed in order to express his vision. We finally completed the "About Anya" CD, and you can read what the critical press had to say about that CD.

Below you can find Scott's thoughts about our collaboration.

I can't stop listening to this record and the feedback from everybody who has heard it has been overwhelmingly positive. People love it and every single song has been listed at the top or near the top of various people's lists.
David, thanks for pulling everything together. You wore so many different hats in the studio and did every single job exceedingly well. You were always very supportive of me every step of the way and you always knew how to get the most out of every single participant in this recording. The job that you did producing everybody was masterful. And again, thanks for all of the personal support along the way as well. It has been so fun and rewarding to work with you.

This record has been my one goal for a very long time. You have changed my life by getting this done for me. Thank you very much.
Scott Jackson, Two Earth Hours, San Diego, CA

 You can hear the "About Anya" CD in its entirety on the music page of this site.

 I got an opportunity to work with Mark Romano at the beginning of the new Millennium, and I found him to be immensely talented. He had great ideas and a solid foundation for expressing them, and with a little coaching, some co-writing, and some arrangement suggestions along the way, Mark was a sponge and soaked it all up in such a way as to move his abilities from promising to remarkable. The completion of Mark's CD project is temporarily on hold, but I can't wait to share the finished product with you when it's done

David Randle has an encyclopedic knowledge of musical styles and is one of the finest acoustic guitarists in San Diego. As an arranger, David helped me develop the backdrops on all of my songs. I would present him with some basic melodies and chord progressions, and David would take those simple ideas and turn them into polished, studio ready songs. He further gave me valuable insight into musical theory, the basic building blocks of songs, as well as tips on developing lyrics. From a production standpoint, David helped me in the studio to take the ideas that were in my head and turn them into professional quality music. I would recommend David to anyone who wants and needs help in writing, arranging, and performing songs, as well as to those who might need assistance in managing their time and effort in the studio in order to record a professional sounding product.

Mark Romano
San Diego, CA


Rebecca Conley came to me in 2001. I could feel her frustration that all the producers she had encountered didn't want to listen to what she wanted, but insisted on insinuating themselves into the music and making "their" CD instead of hers. She definitely had a gift, but it needed some fine tuning. She was just a little too raw in her harmonic development and some of the lyric content, but she was amazing at crafting hooky melodies and had the best singing voice I'd ever worked with. When you work so closely and intimately with someone in a music setting and you're both single, I guess it's inevitable that sparks can fly and they did. We got married in 2002 and have been working together as Rebeca and David ever since. Our most recent CD is entitled "R & D" and you can hear it on this site's music page

These are some of Rebeca's observations from the time before we became romantically involved.

I had searched all of LA looking for a songwriter/musician/producer to collaborate with; essentially looking for my Bernie Taupin. Tom Atencio (No Doubt, New Order, Jane's Addiction) was doing artist development with me and he said I was "an Elton John who needed a Bernie Taupin."

When I finally found David Randle, I listened to other artists he had written with and taught songwriting to, like Lindsey Yung, Mark Romano, and Rainey Hewitt, and loved how much he had helped them develop.

What clinched the collaborating deal was David's ability to listen to what I wanted, needed and the vibe of any given song and totally meet my criteria. I have never worked with such a skilled, chordally knowledgable, professional artist in my life. That is why I hired him to write with me and produce me
Rebeca Randle (formerly Rebecca Conley)
Encinitas, CA