About David Randle Productions

David Randle at the production rackThis musical journey that I've been on has perfectly prepared me for the production work that I am doing now. I spent my youth in a critically acclaimed acid-rock band called the Brain Police, who had the profound opportunity to perform in major concert venues with some of the periods greatest music groups, like Cream (with Eric Clapton), The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Buffalo Springfield (with Stephen Stills and Neil Young), The Bryds (with David Crosby), Eric Burdon & The Animals, and others. That live performance experience combined with the many hours of recording time put me right at the center of the music culture.

In my middle years I owned and operated one of San Diego's premiere music stores, American Dream Music. It was there that I gained invaluable experience working on a daily basis with recording equipment, mics, mixing consoles, digital signal processors of all types, MIDI products, keyboards and software. A solid twelve year indoctrination into the technical aspects of recording.

For the last twenty years, I've been training and coaching music clients in the areas of composing, arranging, and production and performance techniques. That process has included producing CDs for those clients, as well as producing CDs for Rebeca and David

David Randle Productions in sessionI have one really important anecdotal story for you to read. Several years ago, I produced a live performance show for three very different style artists at Java Joe's in San Diego, CA. This was an acoustic, unplugged type show, so all the performers were singing to me playing acoustic guitar. Prior to the show, the expectation of many in the audience was that everything was going to sound pretty much the same because it was all going to be performed to the same guitarist's accompaniment, mine. The overwhelming response was one of great surprise at how unique and individual each of the artists sounded. The reason for that is that I take great pride in figuratively reaching down inside each artist to bring out their own special abilities and gifts. I never put an artist into the same old tired formula, so the music we create is unique to that artist. I put each artists choices about what they want, first. The only time I overrule what a client wants is when all my experience tells me it will be better for the quality of the music and the quality of the project. After all, that quality of judgment is also what clients pay me for.